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Tiny Houses – Appealing or Appalling?

A tiny houseImage via Flickr by Tomas Quinones

Adorable, charming, cozy – real estate terms used to describe small homes for sale in ads, can sometimes have negative connotations. I guess it depends on your perspective, because The Tiny House Movement has captured the imagination of many individuals seeking alternatives to the “habitat” status quo.

The engineering of smaller living spaces that utilize very square inch is fascinating to some, puzzling to others.

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Video Services Shopping Tips

Video services graphic for MarketClick-re blog postWhether or not you have an interest in statistics, you already know the importance video plays in attracting consumers to your brand. Recommended for most businesses, purchasing video services is an investment that is becoming a necessity in today’s marketplace. Read More »

Quotes for Realtors

Quotes for Realtors - MarketClick-re.comSometimes a little inspiration helps get us through a less than stellar day. Often, expressed wisdom and motivational observations come from people we admire and look up to. An Internet search resulted in this compilation of quotes from successful players in the Real Estate Industry and other notable leaders and speakers. Hope there’s something here that motivates you!

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10 “Time-management” Resources for Realtors

MarketClick Graphic_PocketwatchDoesn’t everyone want to know the magic formula for accomplishing everything that needs to get done? There's something motivating about finding ways to do business better -- especially if you can get a bunch of ideas without having to search. Were you ever scheduled to meet with a prospective client but got sidetracked by your ginormous “to-do list”, making you late for your appointment?

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